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About Bershaw


Bershaw was founded in 2012 by Mrs. Jean L. Shaw and her partners experience from Singapore & the UK they built the company based on integrity, efficiency & client satisfaction, effectively professionalizing and streamlining the headhunting process in the Philippines. 

Bershaw gained recognition for their comprehensive and personalized approach to matching candidates with opportunities and expanded to the United Kingdom in 2022 as Bershaw LTD.

Today, Bershaw is a global leader in recruitment. Helping thousands of job seekers and companies find their perfect fit.

Current Team

Our current team is built of industry professionals, trained the Bershaw way to assist all our clients & Job seekers with their recruitment needs.

We have expanded rapidly over the last few years, offering recruitment services in Asia, Europe and the UK. With our vast network and extensive experience, we can assist job seekers and companies in finding the perfect fit, no matter where they're based.

Our Commitment

With our unique 4 step process to headhunting, failure should not be a option. Should there be any situation accrue we are not successful all our work is done on a NO HIRE NO PAY basis.

All our contracts are negotiable, and our commitment to you is to receive competitive rates for some of the highest quality of candidates in Asia, Europe and UK.

Should our candidate leave in the stated time frame in our contract, we will replace them for FREE! 

Explore our recruitment services and connect with Bershaw today. Let’s find the perfect fit for your organization!

Why choose Bershaw?

At Bershaw, we understand that exceptional talent drives business success. As your trusted recruitment partner, we connect you with top-tier professionals who can elevate your team.

  • Risk-free Approach

  • Customized Solutions

  • Global Network

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